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Katie Wilson, Spectrum Plastics Group, a DuPont Business

Jun 07, 2024

Katie Wilson began her career in the plastics and medical device manufacturing industries in a technical inside sales role at W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. She said she wanted to be part of "an impactful field" where she could make a difference in other people's lives.

Wilson earned a bachelor's degree in marketing from Saint Joseph's University in Pennsylvania and started in a leadership development program, "which helped me gain valuable skills that equipped me for a professional career."

"In a short period of time, I accelerated my career in marketing by developing relationships, learning from my peers and mentors, and utilizing the resources placed in front of me. I eagerly accepted new opportunities and additional responsibilities that came my way and focused on working hard and serving the respective teams while simultaneously ensuring core responsibility objectives and organizational goals were being met," she said.

Now, as the director of marketing for Alpharetta, Ga.-based medical device contract manufacturer Spectrum Plastics Group, a DuPont Business, Wilson demonstrates "a strong work ethic, team collaboration and leadership skills by effectively leading and developing a marketing team." She leads Spectrum's "global internal and external marketing communications strategy and initiatives, including digital, SEO/PPC [search engine optimization/pay-per-click], e-commerce, events and trade shows, social media, advertising, branding integrations and product management."

"As a new manager, I have learned to manage a high-performing team, create high employee engagement and mentor high-potential individuals," she said. "Additionally, I played a pivotal role in establishing a globally recognized brand in the medtech industry, consistently demonstrating success through our effective marketing initiatives."

As a result of Wilson's leadership, Spectrum's digital marketing performance has been recognized as a top-performing portfolio company for its private equity sponsor, AEA Investors LP.

"My work has received recognition throughout my career for the added value it provides to the growing organization, especially during periods of change and company transitions," she said.

In May 2023, DuPont announced it would buy Spectrum for $1.75 billion. Wilson said the acquisition has made her step back and reflect on her career and accomplishments.

"Growing up in northern Delaware, the culture of DuPont shaped my home state, and I was surrounded by friends and family who worked for the company," she said. "The idea of working for an organization that fostered so much innovation and local development in Delaware really energizes me about my future career. It's funny how life comes full circle."

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