Flexibly configurable SMC controllers
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Flexibly configurable SMC controllers

Aug 08, 2023

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At Fakuma 2023, Servomold, a specialist in the automation of injection mould tools, will present a new generation of control units for servo drives and a newly developed series of actuators for the execution of linear movements at booth A2-2111 in hall A2.

From 2024, the new SMC (Servo Mold Control) control system from Servomold will replace the complete, universal and rack control systems that have proven themselves in over 700 units sold since 2012 and will then be available on the market in four variants. Common to all versions is the intuitive operability via the uniformly used touch panel achieved thanks to a wide range of innovations, as well as automatic switching between different encoder systems. As a basis, the SMC Mini will be limited to one drive controller, while the SMC Standard version will be able to control up to four servo drives and the SMC Rack version up to eight. In addition, there will be a combination unit developed in conjunction with Feller Engineering that is designed as a plug-in unit for Feller's rack. In this configuration, up to five servo drives and up to 60 hot runner zones can be controlled together via the SMC control panel.

As compact, powerful and clean alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders traditionally used to perform translational slide, core or platen movements in injection molds, Servomold has developed the new SLK, SLR and SSK servo-electric linear actuators. The letter K stands for the compact version with ball screw, R stands for the high performance version with roller screw. SSK denotes the servo worm actuator ball screw, which has a particularly compact and flat design thanks to the 90-degree arrangement of the drive unit. All three are suitable for stroke lengths up to over 1,000 mm and offer high nominal thrust forces thanks to an integrated gear stage. By enabling the use of different spindle systems as well as individually configurable servo motors, they ensure maximum flexibility.

In addition to these innovations, Servomold will provide detailed information at Fakuma 2023 about its expertise in developing application-specific solutions and its entire portfolio of cost-effective, standardised servo system components. In addition to servo-electric single to fourfold unscrewing units and wormdrive units for unscrewing threads, this portfolio also includes complete unscrewing halves ready for operation, high-performance servo drive units and linear actuators, space-saving index plate turners that can be integrated, threaded core sets and rotating thread core cooling systems for unscrewing units.