Fu Yu breaks the mould, redefines precision plastic manufacturing with sustainability
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Fu Yu breaks the mould, redefines precision plastic manufacturing with sustainability

Aug 16, 2023

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From automated robot doctors to water filters, performance drills to medical endoscopes, the engineering and manufacturing of these items involve the inception of ideas, rigorous testing and the relentless pursuit of engineering perfection. Singapore-based company Fu Yu embodies this philosophy through its cutting-edge, one-stop-shop services, which include design and tool fabrication, precision injection moulding, metal injection moulding, product assembly and secondary processes.

“We are focused on scaling up and upgrading our capabilities, transitioning from traditional case parts manufacturing to a niche specialisation in high-precision products,” said David Seow, group CEO and board member of Fu Yu. “Our exceptional capabilities in precision tooling and precision moulding and unique ability to engage with our customers at the early product development stage are what truly set us apart.”

With a presence in Singapore, China and Malaysia, Fu Yu’s comprehensive services cater to various industries, manufacturing precision plastic components for sectors such as medical, automotive, printing, industrial and consumer goods. Its subsidiary, Fu Yu Biomedical, aims to innovate and manufacture medical diagnostics equipment, envisioning a future where simple medical tasks, like blood tests, can be conveniently conducted at home. Fu Yu also offers product design services, rapid prototyping, and full product assembly to meet the ever-evolving needs of the medical sector.

“Our strategic and ambitious expansion plans in the medical field start in Singapore, with future plans to extend our reach into the greater Asean region. We have plants located in Singapore, Malaysia and China, and are actively exploring opportunities in emerging markets like Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to meet the growing demand for manufacturing in those regions,” Seow said.

Fu Yu is looking to form alliances with complementary service providers in the electronics, batteries, metals, coating, and sterilisation sectors, enabling it to offer an all-in-one solution suite to its customers.

In addition to its precision engineering expertise, Fu Yu places a strong emphasis on sustainability. The company is investing in solar panels across its plants, allowing it to harness renewable energy, reduce its carbon footprint and form strategic partnerships that enhance its product offerings through synergies and market diversification.

Fu Yu also takes proactive steps to collaborate with upstream suppliers in developing cutting-edge and sustainable materials. Among these advancements are biodegradable plastic resins sourced from plant waste. Fu Yu strives to increase the use of these materials in its products. These green initiatives not only align with Fu Yu’s vision, but also contribute to global sustainability goals.

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