I didn't use my car for three weeks and when I opened it up it was covered in MOULD
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I didn't use my car for three weeks and when I opened it up it was covered in MOULD

Jun 23, 2023

A MODEL and entrepreneur who left her car unused for three weeks, opened it up to find it caked in mould.

Jess Davis, 31, and her partner Tyson Hoffman, co-founded the Mr Potato restaurant chain in Australia, and both went on their TikTok channel to recount the grim story.

The video, which has now gone viral, opens with Ms Davis saying: “OK, I can’t believe this has happened.

“I haven’t driven my car in three weeks and when we went to open it today, we found this.

“It’s f***ed.”

She then warned those watching to strap in for what she was about to reveal.

Ms Davis, who is based in Sydney, Australia, opened the car door to show the mould covering her steering wheel, gear stick and the seat of her Audi.

“I am growing a rainforest in my car and I don’t even know what to do,” she said.

Ms Davis told The Sun Online it was Tyson who had found the car in that condition.

“He came upstairs and he's like ‘Hey babe, there’s something really weird inside your car – I'm not sure what's going on with it.'

“I was sort of expecting it to be a snake or some kind of animal in there or something," she said.

"When I finally came downstairs and saw what was in there I was shocked, to be honest. I've just never heard of that happening before."

Once they discovered the mould, Tyson donned a face mask and cleaned out as much as he could so he could drive it to the detailers who charged him £160 to fix the mess.

"There is still a smell in there that's lingering. I feel we may need to do more powerful mould cleaning," she told us.

Ms David said her cherished Audi A5 with leather seats - which she bought second hand for £14k a couple of years ago - sat at the detailers for eight hours and was told the mould attack "wasn't a super uncommon occurrence".

"Apparently it was a combination of the humidity and there was probably moisture trapped inside [the car] and I also wound the windows up and just left it there for a few weeks," she said.

"We had some sporadic weather in Sydney - and we just moved here - and there were some really hot days but there was also some really cold days and it had to be a combination of the two and having it locked up."

She jokingly added it was either doing that or get a new car.

“We’d recently relocated to Sydney from Adelaide for the expansion of Mr Potato,” she said.

With the couple moving and working from home, Ms David said they had only been using one car when going out.

She added she’d never heard of anything like this happening but now knew it was a common occurrence all over the world.

Ms Davis also revealed she had been shocked by the response she had received to the video.

“When I originally signed up to TikTok I wanted to share my business journey with Mr Potato, modelling work and just general positive life advice and affirmations," she told news.com.au.

“However, when the issue turned up with my car, I thought it was too crazy not to share with the world.”

Commentators also took the opportunity to share their own experiences with similar problems.

“Seen a full mushroom farm in my ute in Darwin,” one said.

Another posted: “That happened to a friend’s car! It was under a cover for a few months, found it completely full of mould growing everywhere inside”

A third added: “This happened to one of my cars and I don’t quite know what to do about it either.

“I thought about just calling a tow truck and getting rid of it.”

One commentator said they were expecting the door was going to open and it was filled with spiders.

Ms Davis has only driven the car once getting it clean and said she had to keep the windows down "because the smell was that bad".

"We definitely need to have it cleaned again, or something more powerful done to it. Or it's a complete write-off," she said.

Mould in cars can be very dangerous, causing respiratory problems, according to Supercheap Auto’s website.

“It is present virtually everywhere, both indoors and outdoors and may grow in wet or moist areas lacking adequate ventilation,” the website warned.

“If you find mould growing in your vehicle then it is a sign that there is an excess of moisture build up – most often due to a leaky seal around a door or window.”

In many cases, a long and lengthy cleaning process is needed to get rid of it.