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AG Campbell Launches "Health At Home" Website To Empower Residents Living With Environmental Health Hazards

May 30, 2024

BOSTON — Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell has launched a new website, “HEALTH at HOME”, to provide Massachusetts tenants, landlords and homeowners with a centralized location of information about home environmental health hazards such as lead, asbestos, unsafe drinking water, noise and more. To empower residents to seek help, the website includes resources that can be used to report violations to the Attorney General’s Office and legal aid organizations that may be able to assist with or directly provide legal representation.

“As we approach peak moving season, it’s critical that tenants, landlords and homeowners have accurate information to ensure their residences are compliant with the law,” said AG Campbell. “Home health hazards like lead, asbestos and mold can cause significant illness or injury and can affect people’s ability to live a safe and healthy life. It’s our hope that this new website will create a one-stop-shop for residents to not only identify potential problems but get help to address them.”

In 2022, rental housing was the most frequently cited product or service by consumer complainants, according to AG Campbell’s Consumer Advocacy Report. At the center of many of these complaints were concerns about unsafe or unsanitary conditions within a rental unit.

The “HEALTH at HOME” website serves as an information hub about environmental health hazards and related resources allowing residents to quickly identify reliable information, such as how to have to obtain a lead risk assessment of your home, how to dispose of debris from renovation projects and yard waste and how to spot and minimize mold growth.

The AG’s Office also offers resources for residents who wish to report violations of the law to the AG’s Office. The following are available directly on the “HEALTH at HOME” website:

The “HEALTH at HOME” website is part of AG Campbell’s Healthier Homes Initiative, which is focused on providing assistance and opening lines of communication related to environmental harms in and around residents’ homes in Massachusetts, especially in low-income communities and communities of color.

This project is being overseen by AG Campbell’s Environmental Protection Division.


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