FCS Flexes New Eco Range of Fins and Traction
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FCS Flexes New Eco Range of Fins and Traction

Aug 06, 2023

Same performance, better for the planet.

For a surfer, a set of fins is a pretty serious investment. Not quite as sexy as a monthly pension contribution, or funnelling your life savings into a new cryptocurrency, but important nonetheless.

You see, fins last. Sure, the tips may cop the odd scrape against the reef (or in the carpark), but they don’t tend to snap, shatter or decompose. A set of fins, unlike a spur-of-the-moment puppy bought for Christmas, is for life.

That’s a plus on the sustainability front; No one can say fins are a disposable item. But FCS has recently launched a new range that also aims to reduce the carbon footprint involved in the construction process.

The new Neo Glass Eco range is made with a 50% glass and Bio-Resin EcoBlend. The high-performance injection mould used renewable castor oil to reduce petroleum-based content, to ensure a smaller carbon footprint than traditional materials.

Now, FCS has been at this fin business for a while. Their revolutionary system was patented way back in 1996, (yes, kids, back then all fins were actually glassed into the board!) and was a real eureka moment for surfing.

And so you know that the use of low-impact, sustainable materials comes with the highest quality and performance, unlike upping the volume of a surfboard as you get older and more decrepit, there is no tradeoff.

FCS maintains that the premium high-strength nylon and high fibreglass content ensures all fins in the Neo Glass Eco Range maintain the same active flex pattern and will accommodate a wide range of surfers and surfing conditions.

The new range comes in all your favourite Essentials Series templates, with the classic Reactor, Performer, Accelerator and Carver sets all featured.

And, FCS haven’t just stopped at fins. With their commitment to design products that use low-impact, sustainable materials, their popular FCS T-3 tail pad is now being made from sugarcane-based biofoam. You still get the 3 piece pad’s double diamond groove and double square groove, coffin arch bar, high tail kick and sanded surfaces for enhanced grip, just with added sustainability.

With the new EcoBlend tail pads proving ever popular, FCS will be expanding the range in 2024 to include several other models as well as some team rider collaborations from Caroline Marks and Sky Brown, all delivered in plastic-free packaging.

And as a final sustainability sweetener, FCS’ brand new wax combs are made from 100% recycled plastic, with all profits going directly to supporting conservation projects including the Gowing Whale Trust, established to increase people’s knowledge, involvement, and understanding of the Humpback Whale through public education.

It’s time to invest in a better surfing future. Now, the choice is yours.

Same performance, better for the planet.